50 Living Room Interior Decoration Pink Classic

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The living room is a room that has a dual function. Aside from being a place to receive guests, your neighbors, or family and friends, the living room is also often the place for a family event or other event that is small in scale and does not require a large area, such as a children’s birthday party, or complex arisan which is usually only followed by one region.

A good idea when decorating your living room is to show off their collections of artwork. Do you have pictures of famous painters? Is it a work of art such as porcelain statues, vases and other collections? You can use these pieces as decorations in your living room. For example, hanging a large picture on the sofa. Even if there isn’t there maybe you can make your own painting.
In addition to the few tips above, to get a comfortable living room, you can design your living room using your favorite colors. Choose bright and neutral colors to give a cheerful and pleasant impression. There are many colors that you can choose, one of them is pink. For some men, especially men, pink is usually one of the colors that is avoided because it is too flashy or too feminine. But, if you can decorate and place this color, then your room will be comfortable, cheerful and attractive. Do not believe? Let’s look at 50 Pink Klassik Living Room Designs below!
























































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