75 Rear Garden Designs For Classic Minimalist Houses

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At present many areas in urban areas face excessive pollution. Along with the emphasis on development, economy, industrialization and overcoming vehicle emissions. As a result of these things, many large cities experience pollution which includes air, water, and land. In Indonesia, pollution in Indonesia is exacerbated by a sharp increase in motorized vehicle use triggered by ease of vehicle ownership and industrial emissions.

To overcome air pollution, one solution is to plant trees or gardens in the middle of the city. Trees in the park, even though they are able to filter carbon dioxide and produce oxygen so that the air in the city can be cooler.

But if you are one of those people who live in a big city and have trouble finding a decent green park, don’t worry. The solution, you can really create your own garden. The trick, you can juggle the backyard of a house into a beautiful little garden. Even though the garden behind your house is not as big as a city park, the presence of a garden behind your house can make the air in your home more beautiful, clean, and avoid pollution.

But, before making a garden, you should read the simple tips on arranging a garden behind a modern minimalist house as reported by the following dekorasirumah.org.

75 Pictures of a Park Behind a Classic Minimalist House

















































































Very beautiful, not 75 Classic Minimalist Home Garden Designs above? Well interested in stealing one of the designs above and applying it in the garden behind your house? Or perhaps you already have your own idea of ​​what kind of design is suitable for gardening behind your house?

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