45 Models Of Minimalist, Modern, And Unique Car Garages

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Having a private vehicle is arguably everyone’s dream, especially for those who already have a family. By having a private vehicle, you or your family do not need to be crowded in public transportation because you can use your personal vehicle wherever you go. In addition, having a private vehicle will certainly be more comfortable because you also do not need to feel the heat and stuffiness in a bus or other public transportation such as metromini. For that, owning a car for those who have a family is one of the things that is much desired.

Even so, for those of you who own a car, you have to be careful because crime cases are increasingly prevalent. Not only houses or motorbikes that are the target of criminals, even cars are also targeted. For that, for those of you who are currently planning to buy a car, you should also start planning to build a garage for your car. With the garage, you don’t need to park your car in the yard or even on a roadside with a very low level of security. Then what should you consider in making a car garage? As reported by ideaonline.com, here are tips on making a minimalist, modern and unique car garage that you can read before deciding to make a garage for your favorite car!














































Isn’t it cool? 45 Minimalist, Modern and Unique Car Garage Designs above? Well, you can imitate one of the 45 designs above to design your home car garage. In addition to design, one thing that you should pay attention to in making a car garage is the level of security of your car garage, even though you have a high house fence and can be locked, there’s no harm in making a garage door with a lock so that your garage is not easily broken.

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