70 Simple And Classic Minimalist Wooden House Designs

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Building a house can be built with any material, one of which is to build a house with wood material. Previously construction of houses with wood material was common, especially in continental Europe. Today, along with the times, wooden houses are more difficult to find. Rarely do anyone want to build a house with wooden walls because they are considered outdated and not as durable as a house with brick walls. In addition, the construction of wooden houses does cost more than making houses with brick walls. This is because, the wood material used must be strong and good quality wood.

Generally, many wooden houses are built in the countryside which gives the impression of simplicity. Even so, wooden houses can also be very attractive and strong if they are built with quality wood materials and the right design. With the right design and arrangement, wooden houses will be unique and have artistic values ‚Äč‚Äčthat cannot be found in other homes.
For those of you, who are looking to build a residence that is different in terms of design and atmosphere, wooden houses are a good solution. Although many consider wooden houses outdated, having a house made of wood has several advantages including:






































































Seeing 70 Classic and Simple Wooden House Designs will definitely make you interested in making wooden houses like the designs above.
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