21 Types of Driveways (Best Design Ideas)

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Welcome to our guide about the most popular types of driveways including design ideas, cost and pros and cons.
Paver driveway at modern houseDriveways are something that are used almost every single day! Whether coming and going in your car or shoveling snow a driveway takes some serious wear and tear. Therefore weighing all the pros and cons of the different types available will help you find the perfect driveway for your home! Knowing and taking proper care of your driveway of whatever material will give the longest life and keep its looking good.

First you will need to decide the materials to make the driveway out of. This can range from bricks to dirt and everything in between. It is good to keep in mind your budget, climate, how much use the driveway will see, and the aesthetics that you wish to have. All of these factors will play a role in the effectiveness of the driveway. After that picking the size and shapes of the driveway will be a breeze.

 Types of Driveways (Best Design Ideas)





















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