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You know very well that the entrance of your house creates a first impression and sets the tone for the rest of the house, while also having the practical purpose of being the place where people leave your home.

Therefore, the entrance of your house is one of the most important places to decorate. It is not like this? If the first impressions take less than 10 seconds, then what does the entry of your house say about it?

I tremble when I remember those moments when the entrance of my house was part of a single room that contained the kitchen , the living room and the dining room at the same time and although perhaps at these moments of my life I do not have an incredibly entrance of the house beautiful, at least I can say that I own one.

Depending on how old your house is, you could have a whole room or a giant staircase to receive your guests like this:

Other houses, like mine in 1940, have a very small hall (just the right size for a small carpet) that opens into a formal room. Apparently my dream of a formal entrance did not come true, so I had to get creative and design an area of ​​my room that served as the hall.

Whether spacious or sparse, there are many ways to make the hall of your home perfect to welcome and even functional.

This requires a different approach. But whatever the purpose, you will undoubtedly have many ideas in your head about modern entrance furniture that you can put in the entrance of your house and make it look beautiful and also give it utility.

All The Houses Are Different

Many old houses have beautiful wooden stairs that should be exposed to the public and the modern entrance furniture always gives you that touch you are looking for.

Or you could also think of two lamps on top of that modern entrance furniture that illuminates the entire place and gives a sensational light to the stairs. Instead of saturating the area with something big and sumptuous, you could also think of an idea for small modern receivers.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a unique touch for your entrance, something that makes people who enter and leave your house stay a few minutes there and appreciate the decoration could establish some types of modern receivers with mirrors, so people, Before leaving or entering completely, they will look in the mirror and give you time to take a look at your beautiful decoration.

Something like that:

Or maybe have one like this:


I think that the books that I have on my list “to read” would end much faster if I had a space like this one. Do not you think it’s a dream for your house?

And if you add any ideas for modern entrance furniture that matches a large rug and a small table, or compartments for scarves, shoes, keys, as we mentioned earlier, you would have a dream hall that would generate envy among your guests and you They would ask if a professional was responsible for such beautiful and excellent decoration.

Another great idea that I found searching the internet was that, if you are the proud owner of a piano, you could also use it as a small modern receiver.

The idea is to know how to place it so that it gives the necessary touch to the receiver and also so that it is not uncomfortable to play in case someone wants to do it.

Although if you have a piano that you do not use or can not be touched for some reason, it would be easier to place it without having to think about whether the future would be played. For example, you could remove the chair.

You could also put a mirror on the wall above and a small lamp on top to make it look better and not look out of place.

Modern Entrance Furniture Can Be Various Things

If your old house needs a new style, then the hall is the place to start. A few changes of pieces can completely change the tone of your house from the first moment you enter the door or a guest. It’s as easy as that.

On the other hand, if you are looking for small modern rooms, there is always the idea of ​​placing a beautiful coffee or tea table that matches the decoration of the hall of your house.

Of course, if it is small, there may be more space for people to spend some time talking in your hall before going home after a night of guests, wine and games.

It will also give you space to place some kind of shelf and boxes for shoes and keys, or a rack for scarves. Therefore, if you have children or your family is large, a better option would be to think of small modern receivers.

On the other hand, if you are one of those, like me who do not stop looking in the mirror, modern mirrored receivers are the best option because you will always have a mirror there so that just before going to an important meeting of work or that appointment long awaited with the one you like for months, do not have the lipstick run or the hair badly arranged.

Modern mirrored desks are always suitable for people who look after their appearance and, in addition, if they have children, with little time to get ready. They are the ideal solution for last minute changes.

The first impression of a house is undoubtedly in the hall. The guests just entering should feel at ease from the first moment they step on your house.

Thinking about a comfortable carpet that matches your modern hall is as important as thinking about the entrance space so that, if several couples or people enter your home, do not feel uncomfortable having little space for them. So many objects that you have decided to place in the entrance.

We have to think about everything when we decorate

Of course, also the most important person who should feel comfortable with the decoration and positioning of things in your hall should be yourself, so you should not give yourself such a bad life thinking about the opinion of others.

The most important and essential opinion is that of those who live in your house, be you alone, or if you have a family, your spouse and children.

Nowadays there are many modern entrance furniture, small modern hallways and modern reception rooms with mirrors on all sides. Simply go to the nearest store to find a variety of them to choose from.

Even when entering the internet, you could find many options and due to the search engines the process would be much easier because you could, through the keywords, such as: modern receiver with red mirror.

Find what you are looking for, in case it is specifically a modern hall with a red and not black mirror, which is the one you have seen lately in all the stores you have visited.

We agree then that the entrance of your house, regardless of whether you have a grand staircase, a lot or a little space, or is the favorite place to be of your children before going to school, is as essential as the decoration and planning of a room or the kitchen.

Everything You Think Must Serve a Purpose

It is more than clear that the modern entry furniture is the best option to end those headaches that give you so much to have to always be in search of your car keys because you have forgotten where you put them last time.

Or simply have a suitable place to put your shoes full of snow or dirt, without having to mess the rest of the house. The modern entrance furniture is the solution to all these problems and give your home the style and decoration necessary to make it look homely and beautiful.

Now, in search of those furniture for the entrance of your house that you have wanted so much! And remember all my advice, first of all the girls together know how to do things well.

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