Chalk Paint or Slate Paint: Ideas To Use

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If you are a frequent user of Pinterest or if you like to go to know new places that are trend and see that such is the decoration of the environment, surely you have already found the new fashion of the moment: slate painting.














Previously we only associated the blackboard with classes and school, and we would never have imagined that what constantly reminded us of doing homework and homework, would now be present everywhere as a decorating trend.
And yes, the blackboard paint is the It in design, and if you think it is something just for children and intended for youth rooms . Serious error! Slate paint is not only used in environments for children’s playrooms or for teenagers’ rooms. It can be used everywhere.
From double rooms , bathrooms and even living room walls .
There is no restriction on the space where to apply the slate paint, nor does it limit any of what you can create with it.
So if it is the first time that you find out about the blackboard paint for walls, or if you have already been a fan for some time but you are interested in learning more about it, this article is for you!

Slate Painting

The first thing you have to know is that the slate paint for the wall is just that, paint. Many people believe that the effect of slate is given by some expensive coating or acrylic material, when the truth is that slate paint is extremely economical and versatile.
Finding it is extremely simple, and it is that you can get it at any decorating or painting store where you would normally buy things for interior decoration.
The great thing about slate painting is that it comes in a variety of presentations depending on the surface where you are going to apply it, and that is that there is the classic slate paint for walls but there is also slate paint that you can use in another type of materials, such as plastics, metal etc, and that can therefore decorate lids, jar, among many other things.
Also the wall slate paint comes in different color presentations and components, in case you want a more rustic, smooth or rough look.
And of course it also comes in different colors. Since although black or gray are the most popular, you can also get it in a variety of other shades.

The Change Will Always Be Welcome

A great plus in the paintings of slate for wall is that the change will always be an option and you can change how many times you want the design shown on the board. And without it wearing paint because that’s exactly the goal of slate painting.
Gone are the days of anguish thinking that the color trend that you have today in your kitchen, tomorrow will be different and you must renew it completely.
Now the renewal will only depend on using the eraser and then once again the chalk.

Tips for correctly applying slate paint to the wall.

-Calculate very well how much paint you will need and also if the surface where you will apply it is very porous, in which case the paint is absorbed more and therefore you will need more layers. However as a general measure you will use two layers of paint.
-This painting can not be diluted in water or oil, you must use it in its pure state.
-After using your slate wall paint, wait at least a week before scratching. And you have to wait for the painting hands to solidify until they give the true slate look.
-It is always better to use white chalks, since they do not scratch or are harmful to the surface, as well as they are extremely simple to clean once you want to change the design.
-One of the biggest concerns is how to clean the chalk once we want to modify the drawing, and for that a traditional slate eraser is ideal, but if you do not have one, you can also use a wet cloth.
-If you are going to apply slate paint on a surface that has been varnished, such as a door or a piece of furniture, remember to first sand it and then apply a water-based sealant.

Have fun!

The slate paint for the wall has a special touch, and even though it is a completely adult form of decoration, it makes us feel like children again painting on the wall.
Remember that its use has no limits, and can serve to decorate rooms, kitchens, living room and above all is indicated to decorate rooms for children’s games and allow small (and even large) to unleash their imagination creating designs right and left sinister
If you still have doubts about what a house will look like by applying this trend, look at the ideas and images that we leave you below, we do not doubt that once you start, the challenge will be not to apply it completely in your home.

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