20 impressive Small Houses in The world

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The design of the architects has turned the space of cramped to become beautiful and tidy. Here are .

32 m2 couple of pairs on the Brooklyn quarter, New York, USA
The couple Tiffany and Allan selected small furniture to take full advantage of Studio 32 m2, which was the living room in a captain’s house from the early 19th century. The Vẻn-32 m2 apartment was won in the competition for “the most beautiful super-young apartments in 2014 “.

Apartment 30.5 m2 of Hong Kong architect
Gary Chang, a Hong Kong architect, has made apartment 30.5 m2 in the collective area into a modern living space with full bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and sleep. The secrets of Chang’s are the slides that he could easily pull back to save space.

The House of 24 m2 was a pigeon barn in Barcelona, Spain when he moved to Barcelona in 2003, photographer Christian Schallert found himself a very affordable home. And the House “in My Dreams” is also present. It is a pigeon coop located on the roof of a building, approximately 60m. At Schallert discovered that “house” is only a filthy barn that is not cleaned and edited to frequently. But thanks to the aesthetic eyes and design capabilities, you’ve turned it into a well-established house, very cozy in Lego style.  The slip plates help him to easily cover the kitchen, dining, bathroom and toilet area. Bed is located at the rooftop balcony, where Schallert can launch an eye for panoramic views of Barcelona.

The house is 18 square meters at a cost of less than 12,000 USD (279.6 million) in Boise, the capital of the Idaho female architect Macy Miller has manually designed and rebuilt the normal house into a beautiful small apartment. , where you’re living with your boyfriend and a pet dog. Located on a flat tow car, the entire cost of building the house is only 11,500 USD (267.9 million), in which the “money” is the most a compost tank is almost no need for water worth 2,000 USD (46.6 million).

House 16 m2 of California couple, USA
British Alek Lisefski, web Designer, and his girlfriend have completed the dream of a casual life by building a small house. This project of two persons lasts more than 1 year for a total cost of 30,000 USD (699 million). The achievement is a small mobile home with an area of 16 m2. While small, the house did not bring a cramped feeling of high ceilings than 4m. These amenities can be compact when not in use and many other devices are used for two purposes.

House 13.5 m2 of a University of Yale students, Connecticut, USA
Upon his acceptance to Yale University, Elizabeth Turnbull decided to build a house of 13.5 m2 to stay during the course instead of filing a dormitory. In the process of building, Turnbull has always been interested in environmental impacts that the House may cause and always try to minimize the harm by using a FSC certified timber (the Board of Forests) , non-toxic paint and recycled windows.

House 11.5 m2 of the couple Colorado, USA
Pair of Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller began to build this House since 2011. The construction process has been turned into a film entitled “Tale of the Little House.” With a high ceiling of 3.5 m, inside a house full of kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, couples make use of small lockers and bookshelves attached to the wall for the map.

Mobile House 10.5 m2-trip around USA and Canada
Zach Griffin and his four friends decided to make a cross-country skiing trip. In preparation for the voyage 14,400 km for 6 weeks, they were building together a 10.5 m2 house. The bedroom for all four is a paired bed from a double bed and a sofa. Indoor machines have generators, ovens and an oil stove for cooking. Because there is no bathroom so Zach and friends often have to ask for a bath by the seaside.

House 9.6 m2 in Washington city, USA
Chris and Tack Malissa build this house right near the port city of Seattle, Washington. Both people do a long time in the field of technology, so they decide to leave the material life, the superficial to start a new life with a small, simple house. Chris Tack is currently a photographer. He has taken and posted many photos of his lovely home with full kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, bedroom and whole area of furniture.

The 9.3 m2 environmentally friendly house in Edinburgh, Scotland
The area is just over 9 m2 but there is a small living room, dining room, kitchen, as well as other necessary items such as washing machine, dryer, locker, and large bed. The house was designed by Professor Mike Page of the University of Hertfordshire and the founder of the Cube project to demonstrate that a normal person can “live in a comfortable and modern way without exerting too much of a bad influence.” to the environment “. With solar panels, the Eco-cube house can generate $ 1,600 (37.3 million) a year from electricity.

8 m2 house in California, USA
Jay Shafer is the founder of Tumbleweed Tiny House, which designs small houses ranging in size from 6 to 80 square meters. Shafer’s home is just 8 square meters with an “entertainment area”, a kitchen and plumbing, shower, toilet, bed and shelves across the walls.

The house is nearly 8 m2 with the cost of construction is only $ 10,000 (233 million) in Olympia, Washington, USA
After returning from Guatemala, Dee Williams decided to “shrink” his house from 140 square meters to nearly 8 square meters. The house was named after its size, “The Little House,” which costs just $ 10,000 (233 million dong) to build and is equipped with solar panels to provide. Electrical Power.

The house of 7.3 m2 by the famous architect Zenzo Piano in Germany
Author of many famous architectural works such as the New York Times Building, Pompidou Museum, Paris … Zenzo Piano is gradually turning the attention to the small details. Especially the small house “Diogene” is built of wood and aluminum sheets, capable of collecting, cleaning and reusing water. In addition, the house also produces electricity from solar energy, rainwater tanks, bio-toilets and natural ventilation systems.

7 m2 house in Rome, Italy
Seeing the potential of an abandoned house near the Pantheon and St Peter’s Square, the architect and designer Marco Pierazzi bought it to remodel and live there with his wife until the first child Piersazzi is currently renting the house he calls “the smallest of the earth” in holiday. The home is very comfortable with kitchen, bathroom, shower, bed and LED TV equipped with high quality audio system.

The 6.5 square-foot house of a student in Vermont
In the design class at Green Mountain School in Vermont, a group of students designed the unique mobile home called OTIS, made entirely of recycled materials with exceptional capabilities. collection and recycling of rain water.

The 5.5m2 house in Wales
Known as Quay House, this is the smallest house in the UK, becoming a popular tourist destination for Wales. The house has enough space for a stove, water tank, a bed and a storage area by the bed. The house has been through many hands since the 16th century.

The house is 4.3m2 in Poland
With a width of 1.5m, this is probably the thinnest house in the world. Polish architect Jakub Szczesny has chosen a small alley between two buildings as a location for the construction of the house. The house has no windows but only a small fridge to fit 2 soda cans and a toilet for shower. The kitchen does not have enough space for 2 chairs.

3m2 house in Beijing, China built on a 3-wheel bike
The small house was designed and built like an accordion, so small it could fold and transport around the city on a three-wheel bike. Home appliances include a sink, a stove, bed, bath and water tank. The interesting thing is that all furniture in the house can be converted, for example, the bed is converted into a dining table.

1.4m2 house in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA
With the need for eco-friendly transportation during the Burning Man festival, designer Paul Elkins designed a “wind farm” with a wind turbine that was both a bedroom and a living room. , as a kitchen. Even the “house” is equipped with a solar powered bakehouse.

1m2 house – the smallest house in the world – in Berlin, Germany
Architect Van Bo Le-Mentzal set up a 1m2 square foot home that was light enough to pull on a wheelchair and only enough space to sleep or sit. Van Bo Le-Mentzal said he designed the house not to address homelessness, but rather as an experiment to change the definition of “home.”

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